so proud of u :’)


Wait what you have a show?? Are you a YouTuber now? Can I be on your show? I think I’d have to do something pretty cool right? I can dance..uh, I can juggle! I can’t cook though. Oh- oh I know..skydiving. We gotta go skydiving. 


Of course you can be on it! Mostly what I do is just talk or answer questions or something. I only put it up on the club website though. 

Well, my summer vacation happened at the end of June so I’ve already had fun. It’s great that everyone is having fun somewhere else that isn’t here on campus. But uh for everyone else, you should call in for a chance to be on my show. They haven’t been very good lately because my usual crew - Drew ft. Harlem - is busy currently so basically its just me and the two cats. 



She’s passed out, Noe. Like, beyond knocked out


What? Then why are we standing here doing nothing?!? We should take her to see my sister, she’s good with sick people.

She’s still alive right?


I-.. Have no idea who this is.

Ask her for her name!


Go ahead.

Okay so, it starts off with all the munchkins in munchkin land being happy because the wicked witch of the west is dead, and then, Glinda the good witch of the north comes and they are all like woo! And then one of them says oh weren’t you her friend? Then that’s when the main story starts and it basically goes to the past where they are all in school and Galinda (that was her name originally) is like this really popular girl and her roommate is a girl named Elphaba who has green skin because her mother drank some green elixir when she was pregnant with her which made her skin green. So obviously, she wasn’t very popular. Also she has a younger sister who isn’t green but she is in a wheelchair and her name is Nessa. Galinda’s boyfriend, or crush is this guy named Fiyero and he’s like a hunk but he’s really carefree and just kinda dances through life. Okay eventually Galinda and Elphaba become friends, and Elphaba hears about the Wizard who lives in Oz and one of the teachers at her school tells her that she’d make a great team with the Wizard so she’s like super excited to meet him. So she and Galinda go to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard. He turns out to be kind of a sleezebag and then Elphaba defy’s gravity and Galinda goes back to school. Basically after that, Elphaba is viewed as the villain. She actually falls in love with Fiyero, and it turns out he feels the same so they’re planning to run away or something and Galinda is sad and all and then the wicked witch of the east (Elphaba’s sister – Nessa) is crushed by a flying house (Dorothy’s house) and then Witch hunters march to kill Elphaba (now the wicked witch of the west) but Fiyero distracts them so Elphaba can escape but then they end up killing him. She casts a spell so that he can’t die – but he’s pretty torn up so he becomes a scarecrow – which is where the Scarecrow comes from in the Wizard of Oz. And this munchkin that had a crush on Galinda was going to go confess his love to her when Nessa got mad because she was in love with the guy. So out of anger she takes Elphaba’s spell book and tries to cast something but she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and end up shrinking his heart so that its non-existent and he becomes the Tinman - and blames Elphaba for doing that to him. I don’t remember where the cowardly lion comes from - I think when the lion was a cub something happened where she saved it or stood up for it which essentially made it a coward. Uhh I’m spacing but eventually Elphaba is killed I think - it’s kind of open ended or maybe that’s just me. But Glinda and her sing this song before she’s killed called “For Good” and it’s about how they’ve both changed each other for the better. And it’s a really sweet song to end with because the whole story all that’s really talked about is how “bad” Elphaba is. I summarized a lot of parts but yeah. By the end of it you realize she wasn’t the bad guy - she was just treated differently because she had green skin and powers I think. It’s a really sad story in the end.


Then you’d have to go there.


It’s very unlikely that “The Wizard of Oz” is going to leave Oz.

And I’m pretty sure that even if he and Oz were real, you’d have to be born with the magic. Something like wizardry can’t just be taught. So I guess you’re doomed either way. But then again, I doubt that that there’s any magic outside of Disney anyway. Oz is a story, humans are going to end up killing themselves, and we have, or had, fairies. It’s only natural to believe we have all the power over them.

It’d still be cool to meet a wizard.